SOSHE is proud to partner with

Wands for Wildlife

Makeup that makes a difference. $1 donated from every sale made in the month of March.


Send Your Wands!

Follow three easy steps.

1. Collect 2. Clean 3. Send

Gather all your used wands (ALL MASCARA BRANDS ACCEPTED).

Clean your wands thoroughly before sending them in! (Animals LOVE clean wands).

Download the form below and follow the instructions.

Thanks for giving your wand a second life! (:


The Impact of Your Wand

Each year millions of mascara wands are discarded in the landfill. But what if we told you there was another way?

We're partnering with Wands for Wildlife to help collect and donate used mascara wands to wildlife partners and caregivers for use in the treatment and care of wild animals.

For the month of March, we're donating $1 to Wands for Wildlife with every mascara purchased!